An open letter to @GlennBeck

Dear Glenn,

You are disappointed in Ted Cruz.  You apologized to your audience for believing in Mr. Cruz.   You say he let you down is because he turned out to be just another politician.  I cannot figure out why you thought he was anything other than a politician.

Politicians are all the same in this one way. They are in it for themselves.  It doesn’t matter which side of the political isle they are on, they are in it for themselves.  With the rare exception (Sony Bono or Arnold), politicians are not well known when they start in politics.  They are no name individuals, who use their time in office to get name recognition.  Once they are out of office, they monetize that recognition.  They become lobbyists,  political consultants, write books, appear on TV, or hit the lecture circuit.  They would have no hope of that if they hadn’t entered “public service.”  The only service they are performing is to their own enrichment.

The funny thing is that we keep falling for it.  We fall for people who we think sound unlike politicians and we think they will be the ONE.  The truth is they all have their schtick.  They all know what to say to make themselves seem sincere.  The truth is, they aren’t.  I’m sure they believe some of what they say, but at the end of the day they are in it for themselves.

John Katich’s schtick is the “every man.”  Marco Rubio’s schtick is the “grandiose speaker” routine. Ted Cruz’s schtick was the “I’ll fight for you and say the things nobody else is willing to say.”

Ted Cruz did fight for conservatives and he did say things nobody else would say.  But did you really think he was doing it for you?  Of course not.  He was doing it for his ambition.  There is NO politician that is serving for the right reasons.  That doesn’t exist!

If we could pass a law (we can’t) that would outlaw any enrichment that flowed out of a politician’s time in office, how many people would serve?  If they couldn’t make any money based on their name, their rank, their time in office, would they serve?  Not a chance!

So, don’t hold your head down.  I’m sure you fell for it like the rest of Texas.  Ted Cruz did fight for conservative principles.  He did say the right things at the right time.  It’s just that he did it for his own ambition and not for you.

Thanks for listening.

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