Yahoo Mail – Suggested Features

This is a short list of features that I’d like to see added to Yahoo Mail. I like Gmail’s speed and if it weren’t for their conversations, I’d be using Gmail exclusively. If Yahoo Mail would add these features they could really corner the market on email.

Speed, Speed, Speed
Compared to Gmail Yahoo mail is simply slower. Yahoo has done a lot to speed up their initial load time, but opening messages, searching, and moving around Yahoo Mail is slow. Gmail loads your messages so fast it’s nuts. I hate the conversations in Gmail which is why I still use Yahoo Mail.

Archive Messages
Button for moving messages to an archive folder, instead of drag and drop. Gmail has something going with their archive feature and it makes saving emails easy. Many people want to keep all email.

Quick Access to Reading Pane
Having it in a menu is cumbersome. Have one button on/off.

Better Spam Filters
I don’t know why but Gmail’s spam filter is much better than Yahoo’s. I get more spam at Yahoo even though the address that the spam is mailed to on my server, and forwarded to both Yahoo Mail and Gmail.

Safelist Feature
We need a filter to only receive mail from safe list a la MSN. I love Hotmail’s filter that allows me to only receive mail from my contacts, or those on a safe list. Earthink has this option as well and it’s very handy.

Multiple Signatures
How about a signature drop down that allows multiple signatures as in Outlook. I use this feature all the time as I run several different businesses through one email account.

Subject Editing
Ability to edit the subject line of an email.

Better Search Box Location
Move the location of search box to top right. Most applications have a search box on the top right. You could implement something like Firefox has where you’d drop down a menu option if you want to search the web, but it should default to searching mail. It makes sense to have the search over the mail window instead of over the folders.

Mail Importer
Many users who have used Outlook for years need a way to upload our existing email archive to Yahoo.

Contact Pictures in Email
I love the contact pictures that show up in my email and text messages on my Windows Mobile phones. It completely changes the user experience when reading email. Adding this feature in Yahoo Mail would be huge.

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