Treo 700wx Problems

I like the Treo 700wx in theory, but there are several problems. Here’s my list…

  • When receiving a short text message there is no way to get directly to the text message if it is a short message. Only a Reply option is there.
  • Hitting green phone button brings up a menu. Lame.
  • No keystroke to get to folder list in mail app.
  • Bluetooth randomly turns off.
  • Bluetooth randomly disconnects even though it is on.
  • Option button must be held with other buttons to be effective. Option +Start. On the Palm OS version if you hit Option it stays in effect until you hit another key.
  • Green phone button menu doesn’t contain missed calls.
  • Bluetooth cuts out if you make a call without the headset after it’s paired. Even if you get an incoming call that goes to voicemail it cancels the pairing.
  • In most applications if you hit the green phone button you go back to the desktop. In the messaging application that works unless you are on an email from someone in your contacts. If you are reading an email from someone in your contacts and you hit the green phone button, the phone wants to make a call. The problem is that it’s confusing to try and figure out how to get back to the Today screen.
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    1. my treo 700wx was working perfect untill one day the radio (cell) part of the phone stop working and instead having the signal bar theres two x in it's pleace, y need to know if it can be fix? thanks!

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