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The government should put taxes on sale!

There is so much talk these days about raising taxes.  Everyone wants to believe that all we need to do is raise taxes on rich people because they're not "paying their fair share."  Rubbish.  The rich already pay the highest rate, and largest share.  We can argue that until the cows come home but that is not the point of this post.  

Why should tax rates go down?  Because it will let people keep more of their own money and encourage them to spend, bringing more revenue into the Federal Government.

Imagine you own a T-shirt business.  You make T-shirts for $10 and sell them for $20.  You realize that people aren't buying your T-shirts at $20 so you're not making enough money.  Is the answer to raise the price to $25?  Obviously not!  The answer is to put the T-shirt on sale and offer it at a lower price.  That way you attract more buyers and you make more money.  If you drop the price to $15 you will only make $5 per shirt, but if more people buy it you'll come out ahead.

The same rules apply to taxes.  If they drop the rates the government will see an increase of revenue to the government because people will keep more of their money and will spend it. Every time the government has reduced taxes, the revenue to the government went up dramatically.

If the left really wants to solve our fiscal problems they would stop spening, and put income taxes on sale!

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Share FileZilla bookmarks across multiple Macs

If you want to share your FileZilla bookmarks across multiple Apple computers you can accomplish this with Dropbox (or Google Drive, SkyDrive, etc.).  The key is to move your sitemanager.xml and bookmarks.xml files to Dropbox, and create symbolic links on each computer to point to those files.

  • Show all files in Mac OS X
  • Quit FileZilla.
  • Create a folder in your Dropbox folder for you FileZilla settings to (e.g. ~/Dropbox/FileZilla/).
  • Move your existing bookmarks.xml and sitemanager.xml that you want to share from ~/.filezilla/ to ~/Dropbox/FileZilla/. 
  • Create symbolic links for those 2 files using Terminal:
ln -s ~/Dropbox/FileZilla/bookmarks.xml ~/.filezilla/bookmarks.xml
ln -s ~/Dropbox/FileZilla/sitemanager.xml ~/.filezilla/sitemanager.xml
  • Start FileZilla and make sure everything is working.
  • Create symbolic links similarly for the rest of your computers.

Be sure to do this procedure on each Mac that you want to use the new files.  Keep in mind, you are now adding a layer of risk to your web server.  It maybe a small risk, but if someone gets into your Dropbox account they will have the passwords to login to your web server.  

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Gmail changes black links to blue in email newsletters

Google's Gmail changes black links to blue links in email newsletters.  If you have your links styled in black by using either of the following, Gmail changes your links to blue without telling you.  All of your readers will see blue links instead of black.  Why do they do this?  Who knows, but the fix is easy.


What's the fix?  Just change the color to something very close.


Now all your links will appear just as you want them to.  Come on Google.  What's up?

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Gingrich and Santorum, it's all about them

Mitt Romney has won the most delegates so far, but has yet to secure the nomination of his party.  The conservative vote is split between Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich.  If Santorum and Gingrich combined their vote totals in each election, they would easily win over Mitt Romney.  Given the fact that the Republican Convention is at the end of August, the Republicans cannot wait until the convention to choose a candidate because that will leave only 60 days to run against President Obama in the general election.  So why don't Santorum and Gingrich have a conversation and agree that one of them drop out so the conservative vote can be combined to beat Romney?  The answer?  Ego.  

Politicians are in it for themselves, not us.  It's all about them, and it's always been about them.  They tell us what we want to hear during election season.  We joke about it, and we just accept the fact that politicians are just that way.  They make eloquent speeches that express lofty goals for the country.  They talk about how the person currently holding the office is taking us in the wrong direction.  They tell us that they have the answer, and can take us in a different and "right" direction.  They make us think that the election is about us when in reality, it's about them.  

Gingrich and Santorum agree on most issues.  The difference between their positions is marginal at best.  If they both cared more about their party than themselves one of them would have bowed out by now.  Instead, they both have the same strategy - stay in until the convention and take their chances in a brokered convention.  That might be great for them, but it's political suicide for their party.  So why are they pursuing that strategy?  Because it's about them!

What's the downside for Santorum or Gingrich, or for that matter, any politician?  If they win, they serve for awhile and then make money either by being a lobbyist, or by making speeches and/or writing books.  If they lose, they've gained name recognition and can get on the speaking circuit, work as a TV commentator, or write books.  It's a no brainer right?  The bottom line is politicians use us for their own personal gain.  It happens over and over, and we fall for it every time.  

If Gingrich and Santorum really cared about beating President Obama they would rally around Romney because he is clearly leading in terms of wins, and delegates.  The party cannot afford to wait until late August to nominate their candidate.  If they really cared about their party they would put their ambition aside. They would give the country the best chance to elect a Republican.  They would drop out now and rally behind Romney.  But, they won't  do any of those things because you guessed it - it's all about them.  

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How I secure my WordPress blogs

Yes, this blog is run on Blogger, but I have several Wordpress blogs. I got so sick of my Wordpress blogs getting hacked that I finally started to password protect my wp-admin directory with an .htaccess password. That worked perfectly for awhile, until I discovered that I could not use friendly URLs with that setup. I reluctantly took the .htaccess password off of the wp-admin directory and used the following techniques to secure my WP install.

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iTunes cannot connect to store - Fixed

My iTunes could not connect to the iTunes Store. No matter what I did I could not get it to work, even after uninstalling and re-installing. I finally found a fix. In Windows, click Start and type "cmd" in the Run field. That opens a command windows. Type the following commands followed by hitting Enter:

netsh winsock reset catalog

[hit enter]

netsh int ip reset reset.log hit

[hit enter]

Reboot and you should be good to go!

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gcc command not found error in OS X Lion - Fixed

After installing XCode in Mac OS X Lion, I could not compile any programs using gcc. I had no Developer folder, and command line compiling returned an error - "gcc: command not found." Here's how I fixed it:

In Xcode, go to: Preferences -> Downloads with "Components."

Find Command Line Tools, and click on install. After entering your password and your Apple Developer userid and password, the command line tools gets downloaded and installed, including gcc.

That's it!

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Apple falsely advertising battery life on laptops?

Apple advertises "up to 7 hours battery life" for wireless web browsing on its MacBook Pro line of computers even though nobody can get 7 hours of battery life. There is a rather lengthy discussion going on in Apple's Support Forums because 7 hours is not realistic with the latest version of OS X Lion. Users who previously ran Snow Leopard were able to get over 7 hours of battery life in some cases, but since the release of Lion battery time has tanked. I am averaging about 4 hours of battery life with only a browser running, and screen brightness at 50%.
I purchased a new MacBook Pro 15 and a MacBook Air 13 about 5 weeks ago. Both machines could not get anywhere near 7 hours of battery life with their stock configurations.
Apple has failed to acknowledge the issue publicly and has basically left users like me in the dust. What can we do? Nothing. There are hundreds of thousands of views of this discussion in Apple's Forums and we still have no answer or acknowledgement of the problem by Apple.
Seriously disappointed...

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