Gmail contact picture problem

I’ve been having a problem in Gmail where my contact picture was not being saved. It would be there for the session, but if I changed computers or browsers my contact picture would be reset to an old photo that I don’t even remember uploading.

Searching for answers yielded nothing but I finally figured something out. I clicked the “older version” link in Gmail. Once in the older version I deleted my contact picture and reuploaded a new one. I saved the new photo and when I went back to the “newer version” all seems fine.

Gmail must have an issue in the “newer version” even though it doesn’t seem all that new. I hope this helps someone.

UPDATE: This is not a permanent fix. After a day or so my contact picture was deleted again. C’mon Gmail.

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  1. Do your friends see the new picture? The older version “fix” allows you to finally see the new picture, but it doesn’t necessarily let your friends see it. At least, that’s what’s happening to me.

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