Got a Treo 800w or Treo Pro? Backup, backup, backup!

I’ve been a frustrated fan of the Palm Treo since its inception. I’ve had every model of the Palm Treo at one time or another, in addition to various other Pocket PC phones, iPhone, BlackBerry, etc. I keep going back to the Treo because despite its faults, I like the power it has to do what I need to do. I also really like having a touchscreen device with a keyboard. With a little program called “PushEffect” I have push email just like a BlackBerry, but without depending on RIM’s servers to stay up.

As much as I like my Treo I’m extremely frustrated by the bugs. I’ve heard of other people having to return their Treos because they “just died.” I’ve never had that experience as I’ve always been able to bring mine back to life. With that said, I did have to hard reset mine a few times. That’s why I always keep a backup of my data on my microSD card. Anyone with a Treo 800w or Treo Pro should have a microSD card with a backup of your data on it. Contacts are no problem as you can simply resync with Outlook, but all the programs that you’ve installed will be wiped if you have to hard reset.

Please Palm…make sure the Pre is a better device (fewer bugs) than the Treo. And for goodness sake, start making slightly larger screens. My Treo screen is soooo small. While other handset makers are doing with larger screen Palm seems to be stuck on the small screen. Get with it Palm! We want a top smartphone.

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