The U.S. Government Run-a-Muck

The U.S. House today passed a bill that would tax AIG employees who received bonuses of over $250k. The tax rate is 90%. Are you kidding me? This is your government run-a-muck.

The US Congress should not be in the business of passing bills directed at single companies, or short-term micro issues. The bonuses at AIG aren’t politically palatable, but this congress passed the bill that allowed those bonuses in the first place. To now come back and try to pass a bill taking back money they already authorized is silly, and likely unconstitutional.

This reminds me of the Terry Schiavo case where the U.S. Congress tried to pass a quick law to fix a perceived short term problem. The U.S. Congress should focus on passing laws that protect all of us. These single issue bills are nothing more than those in power trying to flex their political muscles.

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