How to find the right church jobs

Churches looking for the right pastor, or ministers looking for their next calling can all benefit from  The website for matching churches and candidates has current church jobs from all over the country.  You an do a nationwide search for your next pastor.  Head on over to to find pastor jobs.

So many other sites are popping up these days, but does it best. They are straightforward and to the point, and focus on connecting churches with candidates. They keep advertisements out of the way and to a minimum so you can focus on finding the right position.

You can add a job, or add your resume if you are a candidate. You can even choose jobs by denomination like Baptist or Methodist.

The folks at are always helpful and respond to inquiries quickly.  I highly recommend the site, as well as other sites they run.

If you’re interested in hiring a music copyist you can check out

Musicians might find the following forums helpful if you use Cakewalk Sonar.  The Cakewalk Forum will help you get assistance and support from other users.

Check out these friends.  You won’t be disappointed, especially if you’re looking for church staffing help.

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