Will the Republicans ever learn?

On January 31, 2008 I told you in this blog how crazy the Republicans would be if they put up John McCain as their nominee.  My view has been the same since then.  The Republicans were crazy to put up John Mccain as the party's nominee.  Won't they every learn that merely hanging around the Senate for a long time does not qualify you to be President, and definitely does not make a good candidate.

Do you remember that one year before President Clinton ran for re-election he was the lowest rated President in history?  Who did the Republicans put up against him?  Bob Dole.  He was simply too old and too boring.  The Republicans did not learn their lesson and they put up John McCain who was even older than Dole was when he ran. 

I was not for Obama, but I wasn't for McCain either.  We need someone who has actually done something.  Someone who has run a government, or a corporation, or something….anything.  What do we have now?  We have two senators in the White House and neither of them have ever run anything.  We're screwed.  I hope I'm wrong, but I doubt it. 

People feel good about Obama right now but just give him time.  He'll start raising taxes and spending more money.  I'm a conservative independent who is waiting for someone like Michael Bloomberg to run so we can really fix our problems.

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