Election Speak

Have you ever noticed that every election seems to be the same? No matter how far back you go, the same language is always used. We always hear “this is the most important election of our lifetime.” Why is that? It’s because politicians are completely full of B.S. Aren’t you sick of hearing these words or phrases during every election cycle?

This is the most important election of our lifetime,
The next president will nominate several Supreme Court justices,
We need to do what is right for America,
We need to get the special interests out of Washington.
He voted for ___ ___ times.
Pac Money
I have a plan,
Our economy is broken,
We need to work on education, healthcare, and the economy.
We need to get the economy moving again.
Tax cuts for the rich
Middle-class tax cuts
He’ll raise your taxes
Corporate loop holes
Corporate giveaways
Spending is out of control
We don’t need those liberal judges
Extreme left wing
Extreme right wing

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