iTunes movies are too expensive

I love iTunes, and I use it on my Mac and PC for managing my music. I recently rented a movie from iTunes just to check out the technology. It was pretty slick as I downloaded a movie before a long flight and watched it during my flight. I paid $3.99 for the download even though I thought that was a little high for a movie rental. $2.99 seems more like it to me.

The movie played fine and the near-DVD quality that Apple promised was okay. I thought I could purchase some movies but was shocked to see the $14.99 price that Apple charges. I think this is simply too much for a download. I can purchase DVDs for $10-$12 most times, and you get the DVD with inserts. To charge the same price for a lower quality file, and have no backup DVD is just ridiculous. I say Apple is too proud of themselves and I won’t be buying from them until they lower the prices. I suggest others do the same.

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