Republicans are crazy to put up McCain

It’s looking more and more like Republicans will choose John McCain to be the Republican nominee for President. The choice of McCain is driving true conservatives crazy. I like John McCain. I think he’s straight forward and admirable but the simple fact is, he’s too old.

Didn’t we learn our lesson when we put Bob Dole up against Bill Clinton? Mr. Clinton was the lowest rated President in history one year before his re-election. It was a lock to get a Republican in the White House but instead of putting someone up that could compete with Clinton, we put up Bob Dole. He was simply too old.

The Presidency shouldn’t be about who is next in line. If the Republicans put up John McCain against a youthful Barack Obama, they’ll be toast. I like John McCain and if he were younger I’d give it to him just because he sat in a Vietnamese prison for 5 years. But now, even that is not enough for me to overlook his age. Yes, at 72 he is still strong enough to do the job. What about at 76?

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