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Gmail contact picture problem

I've been having a problem in Gmail where my contact picture was not being saved. It would be there for the session, but if I changed computers or browsers my contact picture would be reset to an old photo that I don't even remember uploading.

Searching for answers yielded nothing but I finally figured something out. I clicked the "older version" link in Gmail. Once in the older version I deleted my contact picture and reuploaded a new one. I saved the new photo and when I went back to the "newer version" all seems fine.

Gmail must have an issue in the "newer version" even though it doesn't seem all that new. I hope this helps someone.

UPDATE: This is not a permanent fix. After a day or so my contact picture was deleted again. C'mon Gmail.

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Real Life Twitter

This video says it all.

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There is no such thing as unbiased News

Are you a CNN person or a FoxNews person? Either way, you're not really getting real unbiased news. Instead of experienced journalists giving us news, we get biased "infotainment" these days. Different networks target different audiences and bring the biased news they feel their audience wants to hear. In the old days real reporters went out and investigated stories, then came back and told us what they found. These days, a pretty face reads stories they think we want to hear off a teleprompter, and the broadcast includes lots of music, flashy graphics, and so-called news alerts. CNN and MSNBC are definitely left of center, while FoxNews is definitely right of center.

It used to be that conservatives felt that mainstream media was biased to the left. They were probably right as most journalists are left of center, but they were just slightly left of center. Since the arrival of FoxNews, other networks have drifted further left to distinguish themselves from Fox, and Fox has drifted to the right. Now, nobody is in the middle.

I find that FoxNews is less biased than other networks for the simple fact that they present both sides even though most of the hosts are right of center. On other networks, the hosts are left of center and they don't provide any opposing view.

What I find troubling about Fox is the way they package the news with music. Since when do we need music for news? I'm so sick of FoxNews Alerts too because they keep running them over and over as if some major piece of news is breaking. Instead it's usually something silly like a car chase, or the arrest of a murder suspect, or something else supposedly tantalizing.

So where do we turn? How can we get nothing but the facts? The simple truth is we can't. Until things change dramatically we'll have to take everything we see on Television with a grain of salt. Someone needs to give us the straight up news and stop giving us what they think we want to hear. That cannot happen because the sad truth is the job of media is not to give us news. Their job is to sell advertising and in order to do that they need to be as popular as they can be.

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Firefox + Yahoo Mail = Problems

For the past few weeks I've been having problems with Firefox. I thought it was a Flash issue so I uninstalled and reinstalled Flash. All seemed well, but now every time I go to Yahoo Mail Firefox is sluggish and draggy until I quit and restart it. If I don't visit Yahoo Mail I'm fine. Weird.

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Jack Kemp - What a Good Guy

Jack Kemp was such a great guy that it's hard to find anyone who didn't like him. You can find people who argued with him, but everyone liked Jack Kemp. He was just a nice guy.

I didn't know Mr. Kemp, but I did share an elevator with him once in Orlando. He was speaking with several young people in front of the elevator while my brother and I waited for the same elevator. He was exactly the same in person and the guy you see on TV. He was electric and animated and it seemed like there was a spotlight on him. Perhaps it was just the white hair and his pressed white shirt and bright blue tie. Whatever it was, he was unique.

I had no idea he was sick and his death came as such a shock. I'll simply say, we need more people in the world like Jack Kemp.

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