Where the heck is Neil Cavuto?

I’ve been frustrated for weeks as Neil Cavuto has been off the air with no explanation. I finally found out the reason for Neil Cavuto’s extended vacation. Without any notice Neil Cavuto stopped appearing on his show on FOXNews in June. I kept searching the Internet for news about when he’d be back and I…

McCain should choose Colin Powell as VP

Will it happen? Probably not, but John McCain’s best VP candidate would be Colin Powell. Secretary Powell is a mainstream conservative and has the obvious experience to be President should something happen to McCain. In my mind Secretary Powell is the best person we have to be President at this time, but he’s not running….

Boone Pickens has it right

Everyone should watch this video of Boone Picken’s white board presentation. We simply cannot continue to import the amount of oil that we import. We need to drill everywhere, use every biofuel, ethynol, etc., and conserve like crazy. BUT, we HAVE TO DRILL EVERYWHERE!