Why is Marco Rubio still In the race?

Marco Rubio has no chance to win, so why is he still in the race? The answer is simple. Because like all politicians, it's about them, not us. Their personal ambition drives them.  They want to be something, not do something.

Politicians live off the public for a few years, gain name ID, then monetize it.  Name a politician who hasn't done that.  Have you ever noticed that as soon as they leave office they become lobbyists. Many of them write books about their time in office, or otherwise make money in the industry of politics.  The most insulting part of it all is they refer to their time in office as "public service." Give me a break!

Marco Rubio went to law school then jumped into state politics.  He was a city commissioner, the a representative in the Florida House of Representatives. He ran for the US Senate seat from Florida and once he won, immediately started looking to the presidency.  He immediately started writing a book, and after a couple of years, he was in full blown campaign mode.  Is something wrong with this picture? It is exactly the same model that Barrack Obama followed.

What experience does Marco Rubio have that makes him qualified to be president? Because he voted a few times in the House and Senate? Has he ever managed an organization? Has he run a business? Has he run a government agency? No.  He has great ideas, but ideas don't equal success.  I have a lot of great ideas about the triangle offense in the NBA. That doesn't qualify me to be a coach.

I actually agree with a lot of what Marco Rubio talks about.  We are both conservatives so I'm sure we agree on most issues.  That does not mean I want him to be the president.  Frankly, I'm more interested in competence than ideology at this point. Conservatives have been focused so much on social issues they have let our country get into overwhelming debt and our economy is lagging.  We need someone to dig is out of the mess, but that someone is not Marco Rubio.

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