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James Baker should be Secretary of State again

I just watched an interview with former Secretary of State James Baker. This guy is so on top of it, I hope he is still being consulted by the current administration. He is above the political frey and has a lot of very practical ideas. He's not into cheap shots, is very pragmatic, and should always be taken seriously.

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Album artwork disappearing in iTunes for Windows

My artwork in iTunes for Windows was randomly disappearing. In addition to the artwork disappearing, I had new information appearing in the track info when I played a song. Sometimes it was a new composer, or a new spelling of the same composer. It turns out Windows Media Player is responsible for this. It is getting the album information via a background process, but it makes it look like iTunes is doing. How nice.

The Fix? Go into WMP options and tell it to stop going to the Internet to retrieve album information. In my version I did this on the Library and Privacy tabs.

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We will know everything!

Google CEO Eric Schmidt says that in 10 years our cell phones will be 100 times faster than they are today, and we will know everything. Scary!

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