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Have you seen It's a great little tool for sending files to someone if you don't have any online space. You simply choose the file to send and they send it for you. Check it out...

Link: Dropload Dropload has died, but my friend Scott (@scottoyer)turned me onto Dropbox. Awesome!

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Everyone Should Use Yahoo!

I love Yahoo! They have all the tools you need to stay in touch, keep files, and show photos. Everyone knows about Yahoo Mail, but did you know you can get 30mb of free online space with a Yahoo Briefcase account? You can upload important documents from work and use them at home? Or you can save documents when you're on the road. I use it all the time. I also use Yahoo's travel section when I'm on the road. I book flights and cars through Yahoo Travel regularly. Then there's Yahoo Photos. You can keep an online photo album with Yahoo Photos. I love the feature that allows me to snap a picture with my phone, then email it to an address at Yahoo and it's automatically placed in my photo album. HTM turned me on to this. If you're not using Yahoo, you should be.
It's free so you have nothing to lose.


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MJ Is Screwed

At this point it doesn't matter if Michael Jackson actually molested this latest kid. Actually, I'm not sure he did but it sure appears like he has molested other kids. Either way he's screwed. His public image is forever tarnished. I think he will find a market to make a ton of money if he is cleared of these charges, but people will always think of him as a molestor. Oh well.

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What's up with Paula?

What's up with Paula Abdul? She has an affair with a contestant and nobody cares? Okay, maybe she did, maybe she didn't but what's with all the phone records this guy has? And what about the cough medicine? Who cares if she slept with him. If she was a judge and coached him she should be off the show. Come to think of it, she should be off the show anyway. She's not a true judge. All she is, is a cheerleader.


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